Saturday, February 07, 2009

All Aboard The Princess Train

There's no getting around it. We have a full-fledged princess in our house and she will not be dethroned any time soon, I think.

Mari talks like Giselle from the movie Enchanted. She speaks as if everything is magical fairies and happy, little elves. Her sing-songy voice is so squeaky and light. She sounds like what you might imagine a sprite might sound like when she's speaking. Even though she can't say her "r"s, "l"s, "th"s, or "j"s she speaks very clearly and tinkly.

She wears only dresses, but the only thing she wears that bears the title "dress" (in HER book) is the fluffy thing that you could wear for Easter or Christmas, or maybe even a wedding. Regular dresses; cotton, everyday dresses are called "Just Clothes" (or "Dust Cwoves"). Clothes that are not in a dress shaped pattern are called "NOOOOOOO! I don't want to weah dat!".

This morning, I was happy to show her the new barrettes I bought at Target last night.

She said (in her best Giselle voice)

"Oh, MOMMY! Day ah so beautifo... wif fwowuhs!"

I asked her which color she would choose for today.

"Ummmm (finger on her chin) I sink I wike...PINK, yes, PINK!" ( though there were any other choice.)

I put it in her hair and took the matching one and put it on the other side (so cute with her new haircut).

"OH!" she exclaimed, "I got TWO, pink one of dohs!"

"Now I can DANCE!"

Uh. Okay. Yeah, I can see how if you have two barrettes, you could be inspired to dance (?).

I guess I'm not a princess because I just don't understand.

(I'll include this picture of Mari and her cousin, Wyatt...who stayed overnight last night, because she couldn't be bothered for me take a picture of her standing or dancing in her purple dress...because she isn't wearing a "dress". It's dust cwoves. Duh, what was I finking?)