Thursday, October 02, 2008

Why I Don't "Do" Facebook

When I first heard about this blogging thing (2003ish), I started out on this one site called diarydotcom or something like that. I just kept an online journal with no pictures. It was private and bo-ring.

My sister, Anna told me about blogger and I was anxious to try it because it looked so easy. It was. It still is.

Once in a while, I would sign on to facebook or myspace (because a friend "invited" me) but I would always have to remember my stupid password or how the heck to sign on to the darned things. I would have to actually take the time to set the whole thing up and make it look pretty (otherwise, what's the point?) and I don't even have time to clean my dang bathrooms for pete's sake!

So, I don't "do" facebook, Megan. I don't actually even like to GO there to look at other people's facebook pages because then I'd have to sign in and bluh, I don't feel like it. I try to update my blog at least a couple of times a week and keep up with my email. That's all I have time for between cleaning the house, managing the household bills, nursing a baby, taking care of 6 kids, finding time for extended family and friends. Facebook would be the straw that breaks it, I'm afraid. So, if you want to see my "facebook" my blog, or at least read my never-updated profile. I'm kinda "old school" too, and facebook would be WAY too hip for me. There you have it.