Monday, October 27, 2008

Vote For Change

Yayyy! Vote for Obama! He is so super special! He wants to spread the wealth! Yaayyyyyyy! He is gonna stick it to the MAN! He's gonna tax those damn, greedy, rich people! Finally! Change we can believe in! Now all the poor people can start businesses and hire people and pay all kinds of taxes for a change? Now all of the poor people who don't actually pay taxes can really try harder to work more more taxes...'cause the incentive is so much better when we know the rich people are finally...getting what they deserve...which is to bring them down closer to the poor people's level so we can....all be...poor? Oh, I'm so confused.



Hey, my sister sent me this email this morning:

"I found this tax on my CELL PHONE bill this month:

Metro Transit Improvement Tax .14"

Whew, good thing THAT is getting funded! Wow, now maybe a few more people will get to ride the super great, totally-pays-for-itself, safe and fun train? I wonder who brought the legislation to stick us with that little tax right there and put it into our CELL PHONE BILLS (because it's so relevant to connect cell phone use with...transit?)
I just can't WAIT to find out how much more I can be taxed with the new Obama administration! Yayyyyyyyy for taxes!!!!! I mean, a few pennies here and there to make life so much better seems a good trade, no? Because EVERYONE KNOWS that if you raise taxes little by little no one could EVER rebel against that idea. Taxes are FUN! It's so much FUN to work harder only to see all of your overtime money taken away from you to give to community projects and the arts, right? I'm just giddy with excitement when I think about Butch going to work and coming home all covered in cement dust and exhausted. I'll say to him, "Now honey, didn't you have fun working extra hard so that 20 other guys who were too lazy to get up this morning and look for a job can keep themselves in designer tennis shoes?" He will puff up his chest and beam at me proudly for helping him remind himself about why it's all worth it, I'm sure!
That's what I'm here for! I'm such a loving, supportive wife.
Gosh, this Kool-aid is so good, I think I'll make another batch.