Tuesday, October 07, 2008


I have a lot of good posts brewing in my head that I really want to post about but I have to pause for a short break. I was caught up in the excitement the other day of defending a friend from blog comments box trollers who were attacking her. I have been "visited" by that horrible "anonymous" person that likes to go ahead and ruin a perfectly nice, normal blog and make us so paranoid that we should start filtering what we say, who we mention, pictures we post, and turns the excitement of seeing what our friends had to say about a certain post (when we go to check our comments) into a gut-punch feeling instead of a nice pick-me-upper for the day.

Maybe I'm being foolish, but I've never thought that Anonymous was anyone that could ever hurt me in any REAL way. Most of those Anonymous idiots are just a bunch of hippies in their mom's basements or mean spirited, unhappy souls, cranky because they hate children and puppies and don't want anyone else to be happy either. I'm pretty sure they sit around in the afternoons, trolling the internet, looking for goodness so they can destroy it and cackle to their 10+ cats that they are "making a difference in the world by teaching those ignorant hicks the truth about how the concepts of socialism are just super great that have worked so well in all societies they've been tried in!"

Anyway, they struck at Jamie in a really horrible way and exposed their ignorance. I should have ignored them (as all of us should have) because the more you respond to them, the more voracious they get. They do feed off of responses and get more foul and intimidating. So, she has taken down comments, pictures, and changed the "Jamieness" of her blog. That is a shame. I told her that if she would just moderate comments, people like that would go away fast (they went flying bye bye when I did that) and your true friends will stick around even through the moderation. I won't ever change my blog because of dorks like that. I don't like to live in fear. I don't have time.

Meanwhile, I'm going to post her post about it all (without her permission...but I don't think she'd mind...do you, Jamie?) because I agree with her completely (except the part about not blogging or going private) and I like the way she said it:

I guess what shocks me the most about what happened today was the hatred. People actually trying to hurt other people, not caring who, just wanting to hurt them. I grew up being taught to love my enemies. To never hate. To always love. I have surrounded myself with holy, Catholic and holy, Christian friends. I have kept this blog up because I love the people, the strong Christian and Catholic moms out there supporting eachother, praying for eachother, loving. How can I get that without letting hatred in too? Hatred found me, attacked me and my blog and my life today. I can moderate comments, I can stop comments but the hatred is still there. Hatred is still there next to pictures and stories of my children. Stories of my life. Stories of living. Stories of trying to let God make me into a Saint. Stories of humility. Stories of love. Stories of my beliefs, my thoughts, my life. Stories meant for my friends. My holy Catholic and Christian friends. Not for hatred.I am shocked at the hatred that is out there. You know, I don't have any friend or know anyone actually that hates like these liberal people have hated today. If I'm putting all liberals in a box, so be it. That is the impression you've left me with. You liberals talk like you are for all things good, yet your actions show otherwise. Your actions show hatred. Abortion is pure hatred. Hatred of the baby, hatred of God. Don't try to convince me or anyone else that it is not hatred, because you can't. It is what it is. Hatred. Evil. Pure evil. You cannot be Catholic and be pro-abortion. You cannot say it is a small issue, because it is not a small issue. It is the beginning of all issues. Without life you have nothing. Only a liberal would compare speeding with abortion. Because liberals don't get it. They don't get that they are two entirely different things. Let's see, murder...speeding? Same thing? No. Not the same thing. At all.I did start
40 Days For Life this past week. Was I thinking there would be no crosses with that? Well, forget it Satan, it will not work with me. It has only brought me closer to God. I can only imagine the pain God feels when he sees the hatred all around. My children have to come off. I'm not sure if I will even blog anymore. My children are such a part of me and my life, I'm not sure what I'd blog about without them. Maybe I will go private, put all my energy into my private blog, but is that fun? I like meeting new people all the time, just not hatred. I don't like meeting that.It's sad how people can just tear something beautiful down. Just ruin it. This was a place of "Jamieness". A place I'd hoped people liked to come to, a place I hoped people left feeling just a little bit better about themselves, about God and about life. After today I can't say that. It's not that good place. There will always be hatred lurkers out there. Reading for some reason. Looking for someone to attack with their hatred.

I would add that there will always be hatred but you can make them go away by posting that little "I know you're reading me" tracker thingie at the bottom of your blog and by moderating comments. They TRY to comment for a little while, but you ignore them completely and they will go away because they lose their power quick when they don't have a forum for their hatred.

I highly recommend moderating comments (besides, they come in your email and you can see all your comments before you post them and respond to them privately if you wish). Please do that for your friends, so we can comment and remind you of the great reasons you started to blog in the first place, (then you don't have to go private!) and for the millions of ignored cats out there in the underground, basement blogosphere.