Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Wearing Blue, Seeing Red

Regina posted about this.

When I mentioned it, Katrina told me that she read on the school district's calendar and on the board outside the elementary school that the 8th of October was "blue" day.

So, we looked at the calendar and saw that there is some group called "Pillar" which has six pillars of something or other labelled

(I'm guessing this is a group that is a substitute for any kind of religion based moral teaching.)

Each month they pick a different pillar topic to focus on and a different color to wear.

I know the calendar was prepared a long time ago...coincidence?

Heehee, I just love conspiracy theories...you can take them to the maximum extreme because you are pretty much making it up as you go along so...

Like Regina said, if anyone's gonna brainwash my kids, it's going to be ME.

I think tomorrow will be black day. I'm in mourning for the state of education in our public schools.