Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Stomp stomp.
Stamp my feet.
Cross my arms.


I may not be able to attend THIS because of some teeny rule about no girls allowed.


I had a lovely tea party with the girls this morning.

We had a beautiful set up (Analise did it all while I was in the shower. She even laid out a dress for me to wear.).

We had milky "tea" (okay it was actual milk)in wine glasses (?) and beautiful music in the background to set the mood.

AND, because we're sooooo much more generouser than some people I know...we even allowed boys at our party:

(allrighty, so it was a little reluctantly, and we made them leave asap).

Besides, here's what happens when you allow boys at a girly party:

(Tommy grabbed it as he was swooped by while dancing with Weasy)

End of Tea Party


Okay, okay, I know why there are not girls allowed at that thing. I'm sure the main reason is because we are way more opinionated, we'd dominate the conversation, we'd intimidate they younger boys (we'd probably scar them for life), and I'm sure, after a few meetings that included women, there wouldn't be any men left.
(We'd probably try to make them eat arugula, even...blech!)

YES, I know I should be happy and encourage men to band together once in a while and be able to pass gas, bloviate, do the beer and brats thing, and generally be (what we women would consider) big ol' pigs and not have to live in fear that we'll find them out or be embarrassed to let their "har har har"s and "ug"s out with us around.

Yes, I'm very glad that there are groups like that around to encourage young men (and old farts) to be REAL men and to voice their opinions freely and cordially without having to worry if their shirts are tucked in properly or if they "got a little sompthin' right there, no...there" on their chins.

Where haven't we women barged in and taken over and made UNFUN for the dudes?

See my struggle??? I have this inner battle every time I see Ray's announcement on his blog. I fight with the "I wish I was a guy" side but the "I'm proud to be a girl" side of me is way stronger and usually wins.

Hey Ray? Guys? Maybe someday you could tape a session of AOTM and let me be a fly on the wall? Pretty pleeeeeease? With sugah on top?

You couldn't say "no" to a humble, sweet little girl like me... could you?

("AWWWWW GEEEEEZE" said the "I wish I was a guy" side of me. "Ya had to bat them eyelashes and sell me out, dincha? I'm OUTTA here!" He just threw down his cigar and bottle of St. Paulie Girl and stormed out of the room.

He gives up WAY too easily.)