Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Complicated Situation

We always (me and the kids) get in this fight when we get in the van. I, being the mom, feel it is my duty to listen to talk radio so that they can stay abreast of current events in the world, and learn about the political climate, and the local news. I really believe that it's good to stimulate your children's minds by helping them to understand what's happening in the wider world outside their door.


However...they, being their father's children, would rather listen to crappy country music. I don't mean classic country, that sweet, down-homey music with banjos and good ol' fashioned steel guitars. I mean the new junk that is written in about 5 seconds after being fitted into some popcountry formula and spewed out onto the radio, sung by some bubble headed blond (in most cases) over and over again until you feel like ripping the radio out and throwing it into the nearest ditc...breathe.

Okay, so I really don't mind some of the new country. Some of it is actually kinda catchy. I bought the Little Big Town CD and we've listened to that one over and over (Bocker used to make us listen to "Boondocks" repeatedly until we thought our heads were going to explode). All the kids (me too) know all the lyrics and we belt them out while driving down the highway all the time. One, other group we like is Lady Antebellum:

I'm Just Lookin' For a Good Time

Girl you're beautiful
You're bout near perfect
But I bet somebody's already told you that
Name your poison
Name your passion
Cause a boy like me just couldn't help but ask
Keep on talking to me baby
I'm hanging on your every word
Keep those drinks a coming maybe
We'll both get what we deserve

How bout baby
We make a promise
To not promise anything more than one night
Complicated situations
Only get worse in the morning light
Hey I'm just lookin' for a good time

Put in a long hard week doing this 9 to 5
And you're just the girl to get that off my mind
You shouldn't 've worn that dress
You shouldn't dance like that
You got this little heart of mine in overdrive
I sure love this conversation
The band is good, the music's loud
But would you get the wrong impression
If I called us a cab right now

[Repeat Chorus]

Go ahead and lie to me and pull me close
Tell me that you love me even if you don't
The rule is don't you ever even talk about forever
But you never say never in life

[Repeat Chorus]

Hey I'm just lookin' for a good time

Wow, okayyyyyyy. Not exactly the nicest, most wholesome lyrics I guess. BUT, we do have fun with the melody and belt it out whenever it comes on the radio. Tonight, the kids were being extra squirrelly and would NOT go to bed. NONE OF THEM. They kept sneaking into my room to try and convince me they needed to sleep in my bed. Finally, everyone settled but, after a few minutes, Matty came in my room and told me something.

He said, "Hey Mom? I'm Just Lookin' For a Good Time came on the radio and Bocker knew what song it was going to be and he told me, 'I like that part where they say SITUATIONS'".

Then he chuckled at how random and funny that was and went back to bed.