Thursday, October 23, 2008

Then and Now

Mari always looks at the wedding picture of Butch and I on the living room wall. Her latest obsession is all things princess so she thinks that picture was taken back, you know, when I was a princess?

So Weazy asks her, "Mari, who is that guy in the picture?". She used to think it was some random guy but now she knows it's Daddy. She says, "They're KISSING!".

Today, she remarked about the picture again and added that she wanted to wear that dress. I remembered that my wedding dress was made into her baptismal gown and showed Weazy where it was so Mari could see. It was made so large for a tiny baby so I thought maybe it might even FIT her now!

She tried it on and modeled it for us so I took some pictures and showed Mari that she had worn that dress when she was a baby.

I looked at that old file and remembered that Mari was a very crabby baby and I never did get a pleasant picture of her on that day in the beautiful dress. It's funny to think that that was only 2 years ago! I took her over to the mall right after the baptism and got her ears pierced (the other pic here) so I took some pictures of her and they were super funny-all close up with big, googly eyes and stuff.

THEN (the lady who altered it made a matching bonnet):

NOW (Can you believe it? She's such a pipsqueak it fits like a glove! She's also wearing my actual veil that has made it's way into the playclothes box.):


NOW (Still goofy after alllllll these years!):