Monday, September 10, 2007


Please pray for my sister to find an ideal job when she comes back from Alaska! She found this posting for a museum caretaker that would be SO PERFECT for her. She fits all of the qualifications and is such an "attention to detail" kind of person, it's sick. I know we're supposed to pray for God's will, but pray that the people there REALLY CONSIDER my sister for this job. It would keep her close to us and enable her to live independently.

Here is a snip of the posting:
Duties include: cleaning, dusting and vacuuming in galleries; inspecting galleries for cleanliness; monitoring and recording changes in temperature and humidity; cleaning metalwork and glass on view and in storage according to approved conservation methods. Requirements include: college degree, with BA in art history or studio arts preferred; 1-2 years of related museum experience; knowledge of proper handling and environmental standards; ability to perform delicate and repetitive tasks with dexterity and precision; ability to work alone and be self-directed.

Can you believe how perfect it is for her?
Remember this?