Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Fall Harvest

It's Fall Harvest Orchard time again! We love this orchard/farm so much. I tried to get the kids to try a different one (maybe closer to home?) but they said, "NO!". They love this place and everything there is to see and do. Here are just some of the more than 100 pictures and videos I took there. I might put more on a different post. Fall is my favorite season for SURE! You can probably see it on my face! The kids were so well behaved and everyone was so happy to run around and be crazy. There were no meltdowns, crankiness, mad moms, NOTHING! We met my sister and sis-in-law, mom and dad there and we celebrated my niece, Lucia's birthday. I only posted pics of my own kids and one of Bubby (Wyatt, Trine's son) because he was SOOOOO HAPPY when the tractor started for the wagon ride! Also, I had to post the picture of Polly with the corn (not sweetcorn, it's for cow feed...but I don't think she discriminates) because she was going to TOWN on that thing!

This is one more reason I love homeschooling the kids. We can do things during the day and not have to fight the crowds. We can take field trips whenever we want with NO permission slips!


This last one is priceless! Matty had that look because he is allergic to peanuts and the driver was showing us their attempt at a small peanut crop this year. He looks like he want to run away or something!