Monday, September 17, 2007

My Glass Is Always 2/3 Full!

Today was a good day.

We had an ordered school day. I went grocery shopping with the three littlers with no breakdowns. We got home, had tea time, finished school, and took naps with no protests. We met Trine and kids at a new park and ate supper at Perkin's with no major blow-ups or breakdowns there, either. We got home, cleaned up and called Papa to come over to watch the kids while I went to RCIA. I came home, got the kids in bed and now I'm posting in peace.

Every time I felt my blood pressure start to rise, it settled and I thought about how blessed I am to have this family, this life, your prayers, and these many freedoms. I felt (and you KNOW how much I distrust "feeeeeelings") like God was helping me take care of my family today because I needed some extra help in Butch's absence.

Thanks God.

You make me happy.

The end.