Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big News!

I went to my first Dr. appt. yesterday for this baby and found out something interesting.

First, I laughed when I heard the heartbeat because I almost always convince myself before that first appt. that I was imagining things and that I must not be pregnant (the test was wrong, I'm just getting fat, it's just indigestion, it's a tumor). So, I told the doctor, "Hee hee, I guess it's not a tumor!" She thought I was funny after 5 kids that I still have those doubts. She also thought that my uterus was huge for only being 13 weeks (twofer?) so she ordered an ultrasound. Was I freaked out?

What do YOU think?

I made the appt. asap for today and brought all of the kids. At the last second, I brought Niklaus in the room with me (to take at least ONE out of the mix and maybe save the people in the waiting room from all the chaos). The tech kept asking me what the date of my last you know was and I kept telling her that I was 100 percent sure of the date so she plugged it in and put the due date (like the doctor and I did) at March 15th. Weeeeeelllllll...

I found out that the reason my uterus measures bigger is...I am a full three weeks further along than I thought! My new due date is Feb. 24th!

Oh, and because I was so far along, she was able to do most of the things that they do at the 20 week ultrasound. I got to see all of my baby's structures; brain ventricles, bones, heart chambers, spinal cord, fingers, toes, stomach and even...

Yup, we saw IT.


Also, it's a tumor!

I have a fibroid tumor which I am not worried about, because I think it's just God's way of playing a little joke on me and I actually laughed when she showed it to me. I know that fibroids can be complicated, but they can also be totally benign and I've never had a problem with these things before.

I am so mystified by the date thing, that I can't even think about the tumor thing. WHAT IS THE DEAL? I only had one monthly because I was still nursing Mari and it really was just a normal, monthly thing. It doesn't make ANY SENSE! Maybe it's not something I'm ever supposed to figure out but I am just mystified. I also know that some people have their periods throughout the pregnancy but I never have! And how weird to just have only one period...oh, whatever! I'm just so happy that I'm 3 weeks ahead of where I thought I was and that tech was SURE. She did about a gazillion measurements because I was just so positive about the date and things weren't adding up.

Ahhhhh. Life is good.