Monday, September 03, 2007

Laura's Fresh BAKED Peach Cobbler...Sort Of

Can of cherry pie filling
Stick of butter
box of cherry cake mix (it's the only one I had in the cupboard)
peaches (I had about 4 fresh and I sauteed them in butter and sugar first to make them softer)

Directions: Without cursing out your really fancy, totally worthless, non-working oven, mix the cherries (or whatever pie filling flavor you happen to have) with the peaches in a MICROWAVE dish. Pour the dry cake mix over it and kind of flatten it out a little and mix it juuuuuuust a tiny bit into the fruit mixture. Melt your handy, little stick o' butter in the oh, so wonderful MICROWAVE and then pour it all over the dry cake mix. Cackle vehemently about how you're about to foil the oven gremlins in their quest to destroy your baking abilities while you cover the whole thing VERY TIGHTLY and put it in the MICROWAVE for 15 minutes. While you're waiting, make some dream whip or something to lick on because you're going to need something cold to soothe your burning tongue because you couldn't wait a half a second for it to cool because it's just been soooooo long since you've had anything that tastes "home BAKED" know...because your oven's been broken for so many weeks you can't even remember how long...anyway...WAIT until it's at least a teeny bit cooler and take off the cover. Wait a little longer. Trust me on this one. Then slather a great big, heaping pile of dream whip on it and DIG IN! It really tastes baked. Like in an OVEN. But it WASN'T!
(Calories: I think about six zillion or so, Fat: YES, you will be after you eat half of it in one sitting, Carbs: only about one thousand or so, I think, I don't actually know what a HUMAN serving might be. Fiber: Doubt it)

Here's a picture of it and my stinkin' oven laughing at me and telling me to "F0". Do you see it? Do you SEE how it mocks me?

I got the last laugh tonight!

But... tomorrow's another day and eventually, Bocker is going to want tater tots. I'm sorry, but (If you are any kind of mom at all you should surely know that...) you can't make tater tots in the microwave. I think that if you tried to pull that one, your children might have grounds to call social services on you!