Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Thirteen Years Ago Today

...maybe even this very minute, I was sitting in my hospital bed ecstatic that I could actually be counted in the ranks of "mother". I was in the club! I had fought the good fight, experienced the agony of delivery, and WON THE PRIZE! I had a beautiful, exactly 8lb, baby girl to show for all the hard work and worry. She was fuzzy headed and had a dimple (still does) on her right cheek. Her feet were long, much longer than I expected of a teeny, newborn baby! She had an amazing smell. There is just nothing like that smell. It is intoxicating! I was struggling with nursing because it was my very, first time at such a task. I couldn't believe how hard it was to do something that was supposed to be "natural". HA HA! Well, we found our way. I was so determined to nurse her because so many people didn't or said they couldn't. I was still a rebel and I loved proving everyone wrong. It's a good thing we figured it out because Matty turned out to be allergic to milk. So, the way I figure it, Trina paved the way for Matty to be healthy and safe as an infant!

She paved the way for all of the children in this family. With the later ones, she actually helped to smooth the path by helping me with babysitting, housekeeping, and care of everyone.

I was so hoping she would be a girl because I could relate to being the oldest girl (I didn't know at all then that we would be such a big family, like mine was!) and I wanted her to have as happy a life as I had had. I couldn't wait to show her how to find that happiness. She is a very good child and has wonderful friends that are totally spazzy, and super sweet. Just like her. I love that she ends up liking and finding girlfriends who I trust won't lead her down a bad path, but build her up and make her feel confident and loved.

I do not fear the "teenager" years. I actually look forward to them (I dreaded them when she was about 8 years old) because I love the teenager she is becoming. To tell the truth, she probably started the "teen years" about 3 years ago, so to me, this isn't very different. She is not at all like I was at her age. She's a lot more life savvy than I was, and a lot smarter in general. She knows herself and her place in this world a lot better than I did. She may be like me in a lot of ways and in temperament, but the things I don't like about myself, I don't see as much in her. She's like an upgraded version of me and Butch...

"Trina 7.1", the improved model!
Comes with: genuine artistic ability, good sense of style, ability to accessorize appropriately, straight and shiny hair with many style possibilities (not fuzzy like the older, outdated "Laura" model), ability to make lasting friendships with good people. Price:(Currently out of stock...only one model available and it is not for sale).

Happy Birthday, Trina! We all love you so much!
(she is having a 9-friend sleep-over party on Friday, so I'll post pics then)