Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I want to be an artist, like my sister Anna. She chose studio art as her major, fully knowing how she could quite possibly be wasting four years of her life plus tens of thousands of dollars. I'm SO glad she did. It was NOT a waste and I'm SO proud of her! She is so driven to perfection that she couldn't possibly fail at anything she tries. I'm not like that, but I understand why she is and I admire her so much for it. Lest you should think that she's some kind of type 'A', OCD freak girl, I have to tell you that she has such a fine balance. She has many true friends and a love of family that can't be matched. Take this small tour of her art exhibit and you will see why I am just glowing with pride for my sister!
We had a nice trip this weekend. Winona area is so beautiful it's no wonder it inspires so many artsy folk to attend school there or settle there. Katrina (sis), Gabby, Paulina, my Trina, Analise, Mari, and I all went in Katrina's Suburban and the trip down there was great (DVD player, naptime). My mom, aunt, brother and family were also there along with two of my nieces (with my mom) and we all stayed in the same hotel so we got to do some swimming and visiting. Mostly we were looking forward to Anna's show. I wish I had had more time to view things and hobnob with her instructors, friends, and employers but I'm so glad we went. The girls had a nice time (except for the ride home, NOT naptime, beautiful day outside, sick of being in the car). It made me glad to be home, but it made me feel so good about Anna's choice of college (I would love for Trina to go there someday, it seems like a good match for her. She's a lot like Anna) and her future. She just called me today with a potential plan for summer...ALASKA! She would be working in a resort near one of the art centers of the state. It would be a perfect life for her and seems like a miracle opportunity! Please pray for God's will for Anna's future and that she stays safe so far away from us. I'll share some pictures from the weekend. Let me know if you have any questions or any requests for commissions from my artist sister, Anna.
Anna(blk dress)and friends
Grant (model for the painting behind them)& Anna

"Why is it so quiet in the bathroom?" (Lucy at the hotel)