Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Big Ten

My little boy is growing up very fast. I had to get rid of a ton of his clothes this week because he wasn't just being lazy...he really couldn't find anything to wear. It was all too small! What's the deal with summer making our children grow as quickly as the grass? (Ignore the dates on the pictures, my camera battery keeps falling out and re-setting the date. These pictures were taken on and around August 15 2007)

I didn't mention it at the time because his birthday is the feast of the Assumption but he turned 10. I remember, when I was 6 or so, thinking that I couldn't WAIT to be ten because that meant I was as old as I could ever be (you know, because that's all the fingers you have?)! I always thought that something magical must happen when a person turns ten because it's such a nice, round number and it seems so final (the fingers again). Well, the only magical thing that happened on Matty's birthday was that we made it to Mass on time and that the kids were pretty good in church that night.

We got home and had a little party with the neighbors in the garage. First, we went and bought a movie (Flubber, the kids laughed out loud! We hadn't seen it for a long time and Analise had never seen it so it was a hit!). We bought cake and ice cream and dad lit the candles with style...true, Butchy, garage style...

The kids were rioting like monkeys all around the garage waiting for Matty to blow out the candles (it was about 8 and we had just started a late supper of pizza, they were WAY too wired!).

I think he had a nice birthday. I am very proud of my Matthew. Whenever I ask him to do something, he jumps up and does it without complaining. It's always reported to me that he never forgets to say his before meal prayers and always says, "Thank you!" to his hosts. I'd like to take credit for his politeness, but I'm afraid it's just his nature. Don't get me wrong, he's no perfect angel, but I wouldn't trade him for one in a billion, gazillion years...unless that perfect angel would eat something NORMAL for breakfast (instead of hotdogs, pizza, or any other gross leftovers that would make even a non-preggo person wanna barf in the morning)or if that perfect angel would not be so ornerey because their mom is unwilling to make non-breakfasty things at 8 in the morning...I might consider trading then.

I would have liked to do something else for him but the next many days were really rainy, yucky days. We'll have to do a lot of field trips this fall. I don't talk much about our homeschooling so I think the next post will be all about our plans for the upcoming year. It should be an adventure this year with one on the way and two toddlers in the mix!

I need lots of suggestions on keeping the 1.5 year old and the 3.75 year old busy during study time. Last year we had a lot of frustrated moans and groans from the older ones when Niklaus would act up so loudly.

He hasn't gotten any quieter over the summer.

Here's another, cute, window picture to add to my collection: