Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fall Harvest Orchard

This is the best apple orchard I've ever been to! We've already been there several times and the children love it every time. We had my brother Nick's two girls (Ani,Lexi) with us and Mom, Dad, My brother Pete's wife, Nellie (Pete even came after work!), Trine and the kids were there too. Basically, all of my parent's grandchildren were there except baby Johnny and his two big sisters Amber and Amanda.

All of us aunties had cameras and took a LOT of pictures so it was hard to narrow it down to just these few!

I haven't blogged forever because we've been so busy with school. It's hard this year to get the kids to buckle down. I had my 15 year high school reunion which was a lot of fun and the first time Butch and I have gone out in a LONG time. Butch has been really busy with work and out of town a lot. Matty is going to start karate...we'll see how that goes. The girls want to try it too but it gets pretty spendy and we are still trying to finish the basement. Oh yeah, I painted my kitchen finally! I'll have to blog some pics of that. I love painting and would do it for a living if I had the time to paint. It's nice to get that big of a bang for little buck, if you know what I mean!

We thought the kids looked so cute watching these beautifully colored Asian pheasants:

Here is Lexi with a goat, she's so pretty (Lexi, I mean, but the goat was cute, too!):

Analise with the wiggly twinkies:

Mommies with their babies (both have babies on the INSIDE, too!)

Doubledouble strollers:

Niklaus in the infamous corn pit. The sign next to the pit reads, "Any corn you find in your underpants should go home with you!":

Uncle Pete playing tetherball with the kids:

My pretty Trina...twenty-five + something pounds lighter! She worked so hard, she deserves some bigtime KUDOS (as long as they are low-carb...heeheehee):