Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring Training?

Here is an excerpt from my marathon training blog...

Yeah, except there's really no "spring" to speak of.
We get one nice day, here and there, and then it's back to reality. I have this theory where the weather here is actually the result of another mini-ice-age and that, eventually, we'll have less and less warm days, more and more cold days, and the warm days will shrink to about 4 days of 90 degree weather and the rest will be like Siberia in the winter. It will be a frozen tundra and the glaciers will creep down into Minnesota and we'll have to learn to switch over to snowmobile sleds on our cars instead of wheels. No? It's a working theory. I have about about three or four more decades of data to gather.

Training is going really well. I'm skipping a lot more than I did last year with the half marathon but I think it feels pretty good. I've been skipping only about one day a week (other than the "off" day on the schedule). I think it's good for my muscles to recover and it feels so much better to run the day after a break. I am noticing the long runs don't really wear me out a ALL anymore. I have teeny aches and pains, but nothing that's debilitating or what I would call an "injury"...

If you want to read more, head on over to that blog
If you've already been invited OR you could just send me an email or comment that you want to be invited (I need your email addy). It's not that thrilling, but some people have asked me "how's the training going" and this is your chance to read all about how much I whine about the weather, aches and pains, and brag about how many miles I can run even though I'm a lumpy, lazy, mother of 6.

Oooooo, tempting, isn't it?