Saturday, March 28, 2009

15 Minutes That Could Save a Life

Okay, it might not actually SAVE your life, but it will improve it. I guarantee you that! The most recent podcast inspired Trine to recall a story that you might be interested in reading (in the comments). Deacon Tim has a lovely story at the end about Senator Santorum and how God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.

Please visit Cyndi and Deacon Tim. It is only a 15 minute chat about life out here in the Catholic trenches. They are humble, decent people that really live their faith and hope to reach out to others out there who might sometimes feel like they are the only ones wrestling with matters of faith. Even if you are not Catholic, their chats will be relevant to you (and maybe help you to understand your Catholic brothers and sisters)!

PLUS, the extrasuperspecial bonus is that Cyndi has just the cutest voice. I wish she'd narrate one of those books on tape. Maybe some sort of historical romance novel or something about old-timey women of the West? I don't know but I love her soft, Okie accent!