Thursday, March 05, 2009

Birthday Tiny Girl

Tommy's is on the 24th, Mari's on the 26th and Butch's on the 28th of February. I forgot to post about Mari's birthday! Butch's is okay to forget since I never get pictures of him, he hates cake, and whenever his birthday comes around, I'm reminded that I am getting older too so let's just pretend that never happened, m'kay?

Here is a series of pictures I call "the blur":

Those were the clearest shots I got of her on our visit to Chuck E Cheese's, where a Papa can be a kid. That's right, Papa came with us and won a bajillion tickets for his grandbabies to each get a cheap, plastic piece of crapola at the prize counter. Oh YEAH! Some schools had off that day (Friday) and there were about 3 buses of kids there and lots of other people which made it difficult for us to keep an eye on everyone but the kids had a GREAT time! My sister and my brother both came with their 4 and 3 kids so we had 13 kids in our group! They were MAJORLY hopped up on sugar and pizza and pop but it was worth the noise, the headache, and the tacky music playing over the loudspeakers. Mari is STILL talking about how much fun she had and can we go back, Mom?

We have a tradition where Butch's mom and dad come and bring the birthday kid out to pick out a cake, a present, and have a meal at a restaurant with them. Mari took Weazy with to help out. Weazy reported that Mari acted a little bit like a spoiled princess when choosing her gift, but I think they had fun with her anyway. She got a beautiful dress that she's worn nearly every day since then and here she is with her birthday cake:

I oughta get her to pose for pictures sometime. She's just so camera-shy.