Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Par-taaayyyyy

Simply switch on all of your lights from 8:30-9:30pm, revel in the fact that we are a modern society with amazing technical advancements, find all the songs with the word "light" in them, and boogie your socks off!

OR, you could go out, leave the kids with the babysitter (to have that party mentioned in paragraph one of this post), and you could turn off the lights in your CAR and go necking with your luvah (I might choose THIS one, but I think I'll leave the car running because I just love me some gas-oh-leeeeeen).

OR, you could be a sissy, pansy, whiner who worships Earth Mother, or Wind Brother, or Father Mountain or whatevertheheck, and you could sit in the dark house and sing kumbya like a danged hippie. Also, when you feel all warm and snuggly about yourself and the GREAT CONTRIBUTION you've made to making the world a better place (and as soon as the chill sets in if you live in the North...'cause it will...eventually...set in...'cause you know it's getting colder because of global warming!), you could go find a really nice cave, wear fig leaves and root around for berries and twigs to eat for the rest of your life, since that will be the only happy place for you in this greedy, selfish world that actually USES the gifts God gave us to have dominion over.


Video H/T: Michelle Malkin