Friday, March 27, 2009

Morning Distractions

I shouldn't a done it. I shouldn't have turned on Foxnews this morning and stayed tuned for the TOTUS' little update on how tough he's going to be in Afghanistan and Pahk-i-stahn. BUT, I did it because it IS Lent and I need to expose myself to more sacrifices.

Was I the only one who was distracted by the former first lady's looking from left to right at the teleprompters and reading along with Obama? She looked so dang dorky and clueless...almost as much so as Obama.

Also, why does he constantly tell us "what I WANT to do is..." and "I want to be clear,..."? Check back. He does it IN EVERY SPEECH! Sometimes, he does it multiple times. It's almost as annoying as the dang "thumb press" or the "sideways palm chop". He can't look the people of the U.S.A in the eye because he's so intent on the words of his teleprompter. That is a weird affectation of speech that I think I will get VERY tired of for the next four years.