Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Teeny, Little, Itsy, Bitsy Request

Howdy. I was wondering about something the other day. I was kind of wondering how I could draw out lurkers on my blog and find out who the heck is reading this thing. OH, I KNOW about all the nice gals who always are kind enough to leave a comment but I was wondering about others who don't or can't comment soooooo...I'm gonna make it so easy for you to do my informal poll.

Here's how it works, simply email me at and put one of these letters in the body of the email. That's pretty painless, right?

Are you somebody who:

A. is related to me and lives far away but never comments because you don't know how or don't really like my opinions and don't want to admit you're related to me?

B. is a stranger who always reads this but is too shy to comment?

C. is too tired to ever comment or can't type so you don't bother?

D. is someone who knows me from the past but is too embarrassed to admit they are nosey about my life?

E. is from another country and is wondering if all of us Americans are a strange as that laura girl?

F. came across my blog by complete accident and now you are hooked?

G. isn't Catholic, but now that you've been reading my blog for a while, you're convinced it can work for you (hahahaha, I know, that one's kinda reaching!)?

H. thinks I'm a dork for even having a poll like this?

Alrighty, I was mostly just curious. You can even send this email from an anonymous email address (you know, the one you use for contests and stuff, not your REAL email) so I won't even know who you are or anything if you don't want me to.
That's all.