Saturday, March 03, 2007

First Friday (on Saturday, whoops)

So we all know where that road leads when we really have good intentions, right? Okay, yesterday I meant to post a reflection on praying for the end to abortion but got distracted (snowstorm, hubs home, kids running here and there, Matty graduating from green to purple belt, meals, naps, you know all that stuff!) and didn't get it posted. But I did reflect, and pray, and also fast so it counted for me! I will try to remember to post a reflection next month but since Lent has started I am reading more and more about how ALL Fridays are penitential days so I think that will stick in my head from now on and it really adds to prayer time to think of all Fridays as special.

My reflection yesterday was on how so many people (especially mothers) must have felt when they heard about Roe v. Wade back in the early seventies. It must have been on the news and in the papers all of the time. They must have felt so helpless to do anything. It must have made them just sick to think that people would have a legal RIGHT to kill their unborn children. I think about what I would have felt or thought about at that time if I were a young mother instead of a baby myself in my mother's womb (I was born in 1972). My mother took some of that sorrow and put it into a great effort. She and many other women (and men, I assume) went around passing out literature and information on abortion and pro-life causes. I remember as a little girl seeing all of that stuff on the kitchen table and being horrified that anyone could consider such an awful thing. I am so happy that it was ingrained in me that life was precious for it's own sake because in later years, that belief came in handy! In school and in life in general, the value of life is constantly assaulted and it's a great thing that I had this base of knowledge to speak intelligently about what it means to be valued as a human person. I was able to act on these beliefs so many times I've lost count. Some of what I learned back then helped me in dealing with a pro-death attitude of others in high school, the nursing home where I worked, in caring for the profoundly mentally handicapped, and caring for my own children. My parents were on the front lines at that time and they instilled in me (and my siblings) the importance of being pro-life in a pro-death world.