Thursday, February 01, 2007

My Church Is So Pretty

Here is a slide show of one of the iconographers who did paintings in our church (you might need to get temporary access to the Star Tribune web page but it's worth the couple extra seconds). It is a lovely slide show with lots of pictures of our church at the beginning (the dome picture of Jesus and the apostles and behind the altar with Mary and the doctors of the church East and West) and at the very end of the slide show is a nice picture of the outside of our church at night (St. Michael is the name of our church and the archangel is our patron).
Our church is relatively new (three years old now, I think) and there are still people in this town who were/are freaked out because they think it's a mosque or something (ummm, notice the huge CROSS on top of the dome?). Our priest pretty much guided the design and really pushed the whole Byzantine look which turned out quite beautiful. I think it was his contribution toward uniting East and West (also the Pope's goal) and I think it was an excellent idea. It's not a finished work but someday I'm sure people will come from all over to see our church for it's great beauty. I really love our old church (my ancestors helped to build) so the new church had to be quite something to win over a new fogey like me.

*I was sent this link in an email by my good pal, Theresa. Thank you Theresa. Now lots and lots of different people can enjoy images of our beautiful church!