Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Amazing Mari

Mari was just SHOVELLING the mac and cheese and I HAD to get it on video. With all the weird news in the world today and sad news too (two more children have died of complications of the flu in MN)I thought I'd put something lighthearted here. I had to laugh at the crazy way Mari was eating tonight. She was collecting handfuls of mac and cheese and then feeding them one by one into her mouth like it was going out of style. Her hand was literally disappearing into her mouth with every noodle. The girl only has FOUR teeth, you'd think she'd choke! If you listen closely at the end of the video I ask her to say, "ALL DONE!" and she says it! That's the first time she's ever said that.

Mari makes me laugh with everything she does. She has an amazing jam that I'll have to record on video. Her head bobs up and down and she shakes her booty like no other one-year-old I know. The best is her spike. The impossible way her hair spikes up in the middle due to her double-interlocking-swirl on top of her head. When we can get it to lay flat (after a bath and lots of oil and lotion) it's like it's not really her. It's her signature, she needs's her identity. She looks funny without it. Aw heck, she just looks funny all the time!