Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Green Belt

Matty had his karate graduation to "green belt" status last Friday and he did great! I also signed him up for baseball the other night which should be fun for the summer. He's never been involved in any organized sport for very long. It just gets to be a hassle and I hate it when sports events are scheduled for Sundays. That automatically nixes the sport for me. When people can't arrange for tournaments to be on any other day of the week or Saturdays and leave Sundays for families, we're out. We have some sports crazies as friends but I usually don't hold it against them. It's just that I refuse to make life about a stupid sport that my child probably won't excel in to any great degree or will change their minds about later in life. So far I don't have anything to worry about as far as karate goes. He enjoys it, but it doesn't take over his life. I was in the used sports store a couple of weeks ago (to buy ice skates for our pond out in the backyard) and saw how every blamin' thing for hockey costs an arm and a leg and I couldn't imagine being a "hockey mom". Holy moly. That stuff's exPENsive. No kid deserves to have that much money spent on them. Not to mention hotel rooms, and travel time, and money to enter tournaments. Ha. No flippin' way.
Okay. Here's Matty in mid-kick before he got his green belt. He looks so cute...I mean, handsome and distinguished. The best part about karate is listening to the other cute kids when they answer the instructor.
Instructor: Why do we practice hard?

Instructor: What do I mean when I say (unintelligible Chinese word)
Everyone laughed at that one but to be fair, the kid was only about 4 years old. They are so funny in that class. They try so hard to be respectful and yell when it's required of them and I have trained Matty to be quiet so it was really hard for him (and still is) to really holler when he's asked to.
Also, they stretch out and play games at the end of class and that's good exercise for Matty. So far it's all good. We'll see.