Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mama's Day

I so, totally scored on Mother's day!

These tremendously cool and weird socks were from Anna for me to wear on our 20 mile run on Mother's day (which went great...check out the running blog for details) She also gave me two packets of Gu to try...Uh, well, I just really like those socks! AND, superextrabonus...they are labeled "L" and "R" in case I get mixed up. You know I've always had a little trouble with directions...which leads me to my next superly cool gift:

Oh yes, I will never have to call Butch again! Well, I might just call him "hunky", or "studly", or even "luvah", but I will NOT have to call him for directions!

Weazy was so thoughtful and had Mari make me some pixos, drew me a great picture, and gave me some of her Lindor chocolate which hit the SPOT!

Before I knew that they had all gone through so much trouble to get me such nice things, I went to Monticello to drop Bocker off at Roman's birthday party at the bowling alley. While he partied like a rockstar, I went down the road to the pawn shop to look for a palm sander for some projects. They had a bunch of guitars but there was one, kind of scrappy looking one as I walked in. It appealed to me because it looked pretty worn out and kind of loved. The clerk was a bluegrass player in the south and helped to try to tune it for me (they were new strings so it was pretty tricky). He had the thickest fingers I've ever seen on a dude. I figured if he could play that guitar (which he did a little), then even I could do it (with my chunky fingers)! He let me play around with it (as if I even have a clue) and I BOUGHT it! I felt so naughty. It wasn't expensive at all but I felt so silly to buy something that wasn't food, or clothing, household, or garden related! I usually go and get flowers for planting for my mother's day gift but this year, I decided that this would be my gift to me (plus, it would help me to teach the kids some things about music and maybe could inspire them to be musical?).

Here she is!

She's got some scratches and a wonky G string tuning key, but I LOVE having a guitar that I don't have to worry about getting knocked around a little (or a lot, like this morning when it got knocked over 3 times on the porch!).

I named her "Betty Lou".

I wrote a song on my run today, I'll practice it and try to get a video of it soon.