Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Some Clean-up

1. We are not moving to KC, Butch just might be working there for an extended period and we might go to live there for a short time to be with him (1-3 months), sometime in the next six months. We're not even sure that he'll be sent, just want to find out if there are any blog friends out thatta way, just in case. (Someone responded and we are super excited to have a built in community of people that we already know through the blogs. A good church and homeschool community is there for the taking when/if we do go to KC!) This is still a big MAYBE and if we did go there, it would just be like a long vacation and maybe only for a couple of weeks at a time.

2. I got the BEST CD from Trina for Mother's Day and didn't have a pic of it for that here it is:

It is very adorable and I listen to it nearly every day. I love how they are married and their love for each other comes through in their music.

3. I hurt my leg running on Sunday. The day before, I ran 10 miles later in the day and it felt great so I ran pretty fast but I think it was too much to do another 14.5 the next day. I didn't even try to run the 5 for Monday because I just thought I needed a rest, but when I tried to run on Tuesday, a pain shot from my right knee all the way up the outside of my thigh to my hip/femur joint and it HURT! I couldn't manage more than a fast walk for a couple of miles and every time I tried to jog, it was horrible. I'm taking today off and every day until I can run without feeling like I'm breaking my bones with every step. It's depressing but I know I'll be right as rain in a couple days.

4. Thomas says "Mama" now. It's a conditional arrangement where he only says it in moments of distress, when he thinks no one will notice. He never repeats it around me. If I am in the room, he says "Dada!" and laughs his head off. Just now, I told him to say it and he said, "Tractor" and also pointed to the tv to distract and confuse everyone. He's a smart little dickens.

5. Butch hurt his back. He was reaching down to help Mari in the bathroom and his back went "POP!" and his muscle bulged out. He is old. He is getting slowly better and taking it easy (he is the foreman and his guys are taking care to make him NOT do things he shouldn't) at work. We are quite the pair, huh?

Okay, I'm off to watch Trine's kiddos while she gets to run. I'm not really jealous because the wind is 35mph and it's HOT out there. I'm going to rest and have some tea.

What do you do when your 11 year old won't eat conventional breakfast foods and drives you nuts because there's nothing he likes to eat for breakfast in the house? He crabs and rants and raves and becomes a total lunatic (very unlike his normal behavior) if he doesn't get some food in him. He refuses cereal (is he adopted???) and I am at my wit's end when I have to get to the grocery store. "There's nothing to eat!!!" is what I'm hearing right now and he's raging in the kitchen. My head is going to explode.

The thing is, if he eats something, he's perfectly normal and obedient. I know it's a blood sugar thing but I'm about ready to sell him to the circus freak show.