Monday, November 24, 2008

Texas Obsession

I can't explain when it started or why, but my children are all about Texas. Every time someone mentions that state, it sets off a huge conversation about where they would go in Texas, what they might do in Texas, what and who they might see, and all kinds of questions get fired at me about the history and terrain of a state I've never been to (except for a layover in an airport once) and have no real pressing desire to visit (at least not as pressing as THEIR desire!). So, Bocker all of the sudden yesterday started talking about our old neighbors who moved months Texas, of course:

Bocker: Mom, why'd they have to move to Texas?

Me: Because their daddy got a job there.

Bocker: Why can't they move somewhere in THIS world?

Me: ? (No answer for that one. I know that Texas is probably nice in places and maybe a really different place to visit but I didn't realize it was...otherworldly!)

Bocker: (pausepausepause) Mom? Does Texas have real cactuses?


Just now, as I was reading this article to the kids, Bocker came up to me, shared some of his freshly, self-frosted cupcake and asked:

"Mom? If someone eats frosting off a knife can they get worms in their brain?"