Sunday, November 02, 2008

I Approve This Message

We went to my brother and sister-in-law's annual Halloween party (my niece's birthday is on the 1st of Nov. so it's a nice day for us to get together) yesterday (Sunday). My bro, Nick hooked up a snowmobile trailer to his four-wheeler and added some haystacks for a hayride for all the kids (maybe about 25 or so of them). Some of the grownups were given scary masks and fake knives and stuff to scare the hayriders on the path through the trees.

Butch happened to grab a mask that had a... unique quality to it. He put it on and fluffed up his hair. Then, he put his glasses on the mask and, well...he looked very familiar. Everyone said the same thing when he did that..."Oh my gosh, you look just like...!"

So, MN peeps? Who does this look like to YOU?


SUPER SCARY (in more ways than one!)!!!!!

By the way, MN Peeps, go HERE for a sample of your ballot and if you have any good idea of who are good judges to vote for, let me know.

Also, if you are in school district 885 who is good for the school board? I heard a commercial on the radio for the Minneapolis school district for a lady who is a homeschool mom and the only one NOT in favor of a tax hike to "improve the schools:" and "reduce class sizes" (BS, as usual. There will NEVER be enough money for the teacher's union) Her name is Kari Reed. She sounds like the only voice of reason in that district. VOTE FOR HER IF YOU HAVE ANY GOOD SENSE!