Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Swing Voters?

I brought the kids to the polls with me today at around 1pm. There was no line at all and the whole thing took only 10 minutes or so. The only "trouble", I would say, that I encountered was this scenario: There was one lady in front of me as we were walking in the door. The helper asked her if she was registered and she didn't know so he, with a huge smile, offered to look in his book before she went in. After she went in, he turned his attention to me (the lady with the school aged kids and a baby on her back in a backpack...homeschoolers...maybe...open to life...conservative lady, maybe??) He gave me the stiff, fake smile (no smiling with his eyes like he had for that other lady) and directed me to the table when I said I was registered (he looked disappointed).

Oh well, the kids got the "you'd better be quiet and just watch what's happening, keep your hands and eyes to yourself, be respectful of others, don't embarrass me..." lecture before we went in and they were excellent. I made sure to take extra care to fill in the circles slowly so they could see how to do it. I had to chuckle when we were standing in line to drop our ballot in the box and a helper lady asked me, "did you leave a baby over here, is this your baby?". For one, brief, crazy moment I thought I had left a child over there (small room but it could happen!) but laughed when I saw that Mari had left her doll by where I voted.

Afterward, we walked over to the park (where we parked the car, I had a Michelle Bachmann bumper sticker that I didn't want to get in trouble for!) and played for a super long time until it started to sprinkle. It is amazingly warm and beautiful today! Tommy got his very first swing ride from Niklaus.

Matty hates posed pictures, can you tell? How do you like their shirts? I know, it's just wrong that I am encouraging them to become big-time, political nerds like me (also, I got those shirts from work for just a couple bucks so I couldn't resist).