Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Hear The Cry of the Poor...

(dang, it's getting LOUD in this country heh heh)

Life goes on. It really does! I swear!

So, now that we're under siege, here's what I'm going to do:

1. Keep praying and fighting for life. The poorest among us are the unborn/unseen humans. They can never be forgotten or ignored.

2. Go to my city council meetings and school board meetings and try to get one of those seats or support someone who is good to be on those boards. I don't think it's enough to just educate my children myself. I really do care about my neighbor's children and my relatives. I hope to have some impact on school choice and accountability to make our schools the best they can be.

3. Go to the tax cut rally next April.

4. Help the Republican party to understand that the main reason John McCain even won ANY state's electoral votes was ONLY because of Sarah Palin and if they try to shoot HER down as the reason he lost (which I heard is already happening, the b******s)...they are farther gone than is worth saving.

5. Try as hard as I can to build the Republican party up from the base to follow our platform as it is written and to kick every lily-livered, spineless, "middle of the road", "reachacrosstheaisler" OUT never to return and destroy any chance at all to bring back the ideals of our founders and take this nation BACK to being the best country, the most envied of all nations, the greatest form of government of all time.

6. Register for a weapon. I looked at some really SAWEEEET handguns today at Cabellas. I think I'll start saving right now (I WAS going to buy a nicer camera but I think my point and shoot piece will have to do until it conks out...I really wants me a GUN, pilgrim.)

So, what are YOU going to do? Really! Tell me about it! Tell me anything else I can do to keep my sanity and my hope alive!

Now, back to your regular, scheduled program of craziness.