Thursday, November 13, 2008

God Reminded Me

I went to check on my sister's boyfriend's nephew (Mason caringbridge site) and found that his mother had provided some links of people to pray for. I always loved the name "Liam" so I was drawn to his site:

Here is a mother in the worst moments of her life.

As I was reading the whole journal, Niklaus came downstairs for his story (that I promised him if Tommy fell asleep about 3 hours ago). How could I tell him, "No, just go back to bed!" because it's late and he should be sleeping? How could I waste one minute of time or attention from my beloved children when there are mothers out there just praying desperately for one more minute with their dying child?

PLEASE, if you could offer some sacrifice for her baby today, if you could just pray for some sort of miracle for her. I think she's at the end of her rope as she watches her baby slip away from her so painfully. Please pray.

Thank you.