Thursday, November 06, 2008

All Saints Day

We have an annual party for Halloween/All Saints Day/Lexi's Birthday (Nov. 1) over at my brother Nick (Deb)'s house.

They went all out this year and had wooden cutouts, nice hay bales with decorations all over the place, fun food, outdoor projector for movie, firepit, and four wheeler hay ride.

I took about 100 pictures and it was really hard to narrow it down so here are some highlights.

Nick (patient with...exposure issues) Deb (doctor)

Pete as Obama. (I guess he is trying to stop smoking by dipping instead?)

Pete and Sofiapuppy

The birthday princess, Lexi


Lovelylovely Lucia


...yeah, I...

...ahem, well, er...


...just, like, wow, um...

...okeydokey, then...

One thousand apologies to those of you who think the denim jumper is the height of fashion for all modest, Catholic, traditional, homeschooling, shapeless moms. I just couldn't resist.

Oh, and the hands down winner of the costume contest (in my head, we didn't actually compete):

My brother Rudy.

Try and hold yourself back. OH YEEEEAHHHHHHH, he is VERY single!

Oooooohhhhh, alright! One more bonus shot, just for the single ladies out there:

You're WECOME!
Don't say I never did nothin' fer ya.