Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wordy Thursday

Matty has been begging me all summer long to go to the MOA and, because it was his 11th birthday on the Feast of the Assumption, I finally had to take him.

I REALLLLLY didn't want to go. I even tried to bribe him yesterday morning. I promised all sorts of things but he didn't give in and he made me go against my will. I'm so very glad he did. He really had a nice time but, while he was on this super scary ride:

and I was feeding Tommy on a bench, I met a lady named Kimberly who happened to be a new homeschooler. We got to chatting (imagine that) and I found a new friend. God has ways of putting people together, I'm convinced of that.

I also took this picture (with my camera phone...still don't have a real camera) of a screen outside of the roller coaster. I wonder if Matty knew his picture was being taken?..NAW!

Tommy rode in the backpack all day with rests on benches here and there and a time out of crawl practice at Legoland. Matty brought his friends Brendan and Brady (brothers, neighbors) too. Trina watched the other kids at home and did a fine job babysitting.

It was a very nice day considering it was so humid and to spend the day outside would have stunk anyway.

Tomorrow is going to be AWESOME. I can't tell you why yet. Stay tuned...

OH! Today is my sister, Katrina's 34th birthday wow is that old or what? She's so old and wrinkly and today is her birthday and she's ooooooooooold and stuff. Did I mention she's 34?

SHE'S 34!

I thought I might post her phone number so you all can call her but she may have a problem with that. I also would post a picture of her but she REALLY would have a problem with THAT!