Friday, August 29, 2008


Thank God! Yehawwwwwww!
Sorry, it's just hard to contain my excitement about Sarah Palin.

I've always said that the only way we'll ever get a woman P/VP would be if it were a GENUINE, conservative woman who was as real as you or I. Unless there's some twisted skeleton in her closet, she sure seems fit for the VP spot. I totally dig her. She could be my new BFF along with Michelle Bachmann. Man, I love those chicks! I truly admire them for being great wives and mothers yet sticking their smartness and money where their mouths are by fighting for what they believe in and not backing down. If she sticks to her guns and remains true to herself (without listening to "advisers" that I'm sure are going to be constantly in her ear for the next few months or years) she will have my vote.

I am NOT excited about John McCain nor will I ever really be. I will, however (as of now) be checking off the box by his name very happily knowing that if he croaks in office, our first woman president will actually just be the first REAL CONSERVATIVE president in a LOOOOOOOOONG while (woman or man).

Even Michelle is optimistic about her.

OOOOOOOH, wouldn't a ticket of Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann against HILLARY and whatever pinko lib she would pick to be her VP be a HOOT?

I'm giddy with the thought of all the WOMYN getting befuddled about who to vote for NOW! HEEHEEHEEHEEEEEEE!

I loved her speech. Especially the fact that she barely looked down, never said "um", or "like", or, (Heaven forbid) "y-oh" (in my opinion, that is Barack's worst habit. It's almost as bad as Hillary's witchy voice). I loved how she looked like she was speaking from the heart and not from notes and yet, she never stumbled. Plus, she's just as cute as a bug's ear in her skirtsuit, I don't care who you are you gotta admit that!

Her kids have goooooofy names, but I'll forgive her for that.
I'm listening to her speech again and I wonder what men will think of her? She maybe seems like she would make men (real men) want to be even better rather than think she's some kind of ball buster who would hen peck them until they pulled all their hair out.

Sen. McCain standing next to her looks a little out of place. You can tell he maybe didn't choose her himself but that he was SURE happy he did by the reaction of the crowd and the alternative media. I keep waiting for him to wipe his forehead and go "whew".

I think picking her was the ONLY smart thing he's done so far in this campaign.

*UPDATE:Whoopsie. Katrina (the daughter one) just read this post and said, "MOM! That's MEAN!" about this phrase:
"...knowing that if he croaks in office, our first woman president will actually just be the first REAL CONSERVATIVE president in a LOOOOOOOOONG while (woman or man)."

I guess what I should have said was something like, "...and, if John McCain happens to not be able to fulfill his duty as president of the U.S., THEN Sarah Palin could step in and be the first REAL CONSERVATIVE..."

Meaning, I should have pointed out more how great it would be that we could possibly have a genuine conservative for a president for the first time in a long time. I do not wish Sen. McCain to meet an untimely death. I'm sorry if my strange writing style made it appear so.

Also, after hashing this whole thing out with my sister on the phone tonight (we are both political junkies and our hubses are really NOT so we need our fix now and then) we agree on two things:
Gov. Palin should ditch the beehive/clippy do, and stop clapping into the microphone.