Monday, August 18, 2008


I wonder if there will be new discoveries in the care of premies using this case as a study?

Headline (from Drudge):

Premature baby pronounced dead, comes back to life after 5 hours in hospital freezer...

The baby ended up dying anyway. They said that it was never dead (which I believe, of course) but it still is a miracle in that it proves so much the human person's will to live is SO STRONG that the baby's heart could still be beating and the baby could still be moving and trying to breathe after being born so premature and stuck in a cooler for hours. Why do the doctors in this second article KNOW that the baby would have had severe brain damage? Hmmm? They don't. We don't know ANYTHING about a human being's potential to survive and live life abundantly. Whether that's for a hundred years or for only a few minutes, it IS life!