Saturday, April 12, 2008

Lodging Woes

Hey, Minnesota people! I was wondering if I could ask a favor? Do you know any non-psycho, non-axmurdering, non-druggie people that I could stay with during the Grandma's Marathon at the end of June (that live in or around Duluth)? I think I waited too long (sorry, this is my first big race) and now I might have to go up there that morning which would not be ideal (I'd have to leave around 2am!). Most of the places only have rooms for 2 nights and I'd just like to do the race and go home (because of the baby and I can't afford for the whole family to go).

All I need is a couch, floor, or even just a driveway to park the van (Hey, that thing is so huge I could totally sleep in it!).

Email me if you know of any possibilities!