Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I'm "Participating In A Trend"

(I heard it said like that one time on "What Not To Wear" and I liked it.)

I've resisted posting any kind of music before because it would always annoy me when I visited other blogs, and my speakers would be turned up, and I'd be blasted out of my seat (and maybe it would wake someone upstairs).


I've decided to try it out for a while since it seems to be "the thing", and I really like the music I've chosen. The theme for this playlist (if you haven't figured it out) is "places". Every song has a place name in it. If it's annoying you, please tell me.

I absolutely LOVE the artists and had albums, tapes, or CDs of them all at one time. My favorites of all time are Don Williams, Vern Gosdin, Gordon Lightfoot, Alison Krauss, and for all you people who don't know Minnesota...
I have a special treat.

Check out "Minnesota Redneck"
(If you have questions about any of the references in the song, just contact me. I may not be a true "MN Redneck", but I'm related to a LOT of them.)