Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Crazy Urges Meme

I've always had some pretty wild daydreams (you should SEE my NIGHT DREAMS!). I remember in school, sitting in my desk, daydreaming about "what would happen if I..." and I would fill in the blank with goofy things like:
...ran over to (fill in name of cute boy here)'s desk and kissed him in front of the whole class!?
...walked calmly out of the classroom and didn't tell anyone where I was going?
...pretended to faint?
...ran to the window and screamed and pointed and fainted at nothing?
...started singing the national anthem at the top of my voice?

Sometimes, I would answer smartass answers to the teacher's questions in my head and then wonder if I thought the thought "loud" enough, if anyone could "hear" it. Sometimes, I would make myself laugh at how funny I thought I was in my own head...then I would have to cover my laugh with a cough and the teacher would look at me funny. I was a very unfocused, weirdly imaginative child, I think. Also, I read way too many books.

Now that I'm all grown up and mature? I still do this sort of thing. So, here's my list of things I have a hankerin' for. It's mostly a list of strange urges I've had. If they were at all possible, I would make it a list of "things to do before I die".
1. Pet the pope's nice, white hair.
2. Sing some bluegrass songs as loud as I can in the empty church (NOBODY else can be there, just me and Jesus!).
3. Cut my hair super short and dye it blond.
4. Be a spy or a private detective.
5. Learn to speak Russian.
6. Meet Don Williams and have him sing me a song while I lay my head on his chest.
7. Go to Butch's work and swing from the end of the crane (don't worry, I'd wear a hardhat!)
8. Meet Zahi Hawass and go on a dig with him.
9. Learn how to be a mortician.
10. Invent a home ultra-sound machine.

See, weird, huh? Okay, now I tag Michelle, Amy Caroline, My goofy sisters, Missie, Regina
Alls ya hafta do is list some weird urges you've had over the years. Only if yew want ter.