Friday, April 04, 2008


I really dislike this "awkward" stage that infants go through. You know, the crabbiness, the irritability, the baby acne, the excessive weight gain, the stinky creases. I understand. I went through this too and it must be very uncomfortable, but I just can't wait until he outgrows it all.

It's so nice to have friends who are crafty and generous.

It made me so happy to get these things in the mail. To know they were crafted by the very hands of my friend made me almost cry. It's so very lovely to touch the things that she spent time to get just right so they would look cute for Thomas. A lot of care went into these things, I can tell.

Thomas is kind of pouty and petulant right now that he's going through baberty, but if he could, I'm sure he'd say "thank you so much" to our beautiful friend, Amy Caroline!