Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Doing My Part

Yay! It's "Earth Day"! I always wondered how come if there was a "Mother's Day" and a "Father's Day", then how come there weren't any "Kid's Day"s? I'll bet YOU wondered that too, right?

I vote we change "Earth Day" to the "Kid's Day" we always thought we deserved ("EVERY day is kid's day" your parents would say, right?). It could be celebrated by giving to your local food shelf, donating money or baby things to a crisis pregnancy center, celebrating adoptions all over the world, or starting the process for adoption, OR...you could celebrate it by, you know, having a date with your hubs. I happen to think that babies (you know, PEOPLE?) deserve just a teensy more attention than some made up "awareness holiday" drummed up by people that are hell bent on making your life as miserable as possible so you end up depending on them for everything. This is a high, holy feast day for the religion of "green" we've been hearing so much about lately. It's just a teeny bit out of control. I think we could use a little perspective. Even Lewis Black (a huge lib) has this to say about Earth Day antics by celebrities:

Lewis Black on Daily Show Earth Day from http://jdwusami.vox.com/