Sunday, April 20, 2008

Deadliest Tuesday

This is probably unlike anything I've ever posted before:

I LOVE "Deadliest Catch"! The fourth season premiers on Tuesday night. YES! What's your favorite boat? Who is your favorite captain? Mine are the Northwestern and Sig Hansen. I just think they are really great fishermen, and have the best, most natural sense of humor. They don't seem to "ham it up" for the cameras and I love how they act toward their families. I'm sure their lives aren't EXACTLY as portrayed on the documentary, but I still think that over all the boats and crews, I would want to be on theirs the most...even though I'd be a greenhorn and be mercilessly teased, mocked, and given all the sh** jobs (like cutting bait, yuck). Also, they haven't lost any fishermen on that boat, ever. It seems like they run the tightest ship and have the prettiest, most loved boat.

Heehee, that paragraph reads like a "theme" a 1950's teacher would have assigned to her 4th grade students or something. I don't care, I'm a HUGE fan of this show and of these rough, sometimes crude, toothless, stubborn, strong, bullheaded, and BRAVE (or maybe a little stupid) men who fish for crab.

I found this on Wikipedia, and it makes me like the Hansen brothers even more...

"Non-Alaskan Seafood
The Hansen brothers, owners/operators of the Northwestern, have endorsed a brand of Russian King Crab being sold at discount chains such as Walmart. The decision to put the Northwestern name and colors on a non-Alaskan product has caused some controversy in the Alaskan fishing community, which the Hansens addressed in a November 2007 press release[6]. In the press release, the Hansens note that 50-70% of Alaskan King Crab is purchased by Japan and never reaches U.S. stores or restaurants; by bringing Russian King Crab to the American market, the Hansens hope that the increased demand for King Crab will benefit the Alaskan fishing fleet by raising the price of King Crab overall. According to the Hansens, the fact that, for the 2007 King Crab season, the price for King Crab went up $0.60 per pound indicates that the strategy of raising wholesale prices by increasing overall demand for King Crab appears to be working."