Thursday, January 10, 2008

Wanna See Something Cool?

...or gross, you decide!

This is Butch's neck and the needle going into it to distribute a steroid that's supposed to make his arm stop tingling and going numb. Niklaus, Weazy, and I took Butch to the doctor today. Trina and Matty stayed home with Mari. It took us a little longer than I thought it would because the first time they attempted to inject the dye to isolate the nerve, it wasn't a clear picture and the doctor suggested that he come back another time. No, I said, another time would not be very long does it take for the dye to dissipate? He said hey wait, we could try again in about an hour if that's alright? Okay. I took the kids to Perkins to waste time and across the street was a great clips. Bocker needed a haircut and I'm sick of hair all over the place so he was treated to a professional "do". By the time we got back to the Dr. office, Butchie was all done and said that his discomfort was minimized (good sign) and we went home with high hopes that, at the very least, we are on the right track with what to do about that neck of his?

The kids were really good through this long, different day. Weazy did her school in the office while Bocker played Nintendo Mario Cart (DS). Trina called and said she and Mari were going to make cookies but on our way home, she asked if it was a good idea to use WAXED PAPER under the cookies (I usually use parchment paper and I keep it in a special place so I think she thought that's what it was!). They dealt with it quickly before it caught on fire (barely)and had the house relatively cleaned up by the time we got home.

Butch will be back to work tomorrow so say a little prayer that he has some relief and doesn't have to hold his arm up in the air all day like he was doing (He told me today that the guys would come over and hold it up for him sometimes to give him a rest! It really needed to be dealt with, don't you think?) before the shot. I was surprised that they shot those needles through the FRONT of his neck (right by his collar bone) I thought they would go through his back (that's what I read on the internet). For some reason, that gave me the heebies worse than anything!

Please, if you have a moment, say a prayer for a dear friend of mine who had her baby today. Michelle had placenta previa and was due for Cesarean on the 17th but had complications this evening and had the baby tonight! She was born healthy except for a cleft lip and palate (that they knew about) and is eating well (according to the initial reports) but this is their fourth baby and you know how busy and crazy a new baby can be without complications or future surgeries! The baby is Avery and weighed 6lbs 7oz (pretty good for being "premature"!) and is beautiful despite her lip difference!