Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Gnarly Award

Whoa, dude, turns out I'm "EX-cell-ent!"!
I've been awarded so graciously by:

The rules of this are that I have to award ten, totally, tubular, other excellent people's blogs.
Okay, like, chill...I got it covered! I'm stickin' with my MN homies on this one (just for fun because we've been shivering together and holed up in our houses getting crazier and crazier by the day from lack of heat and vitamin D):
I hereby award:

1. Tracy who has some of the greatest school ideas and is a wonderful, calm, sweet mom who does so much for her gorgeous kids!

2. Paula who is super cool, and woodsy and red-headed, just like me (except she's a lot nicer)!

3. The Koops because they have a funny name and they are creating such a wonderful home for their family in such a unique way.

4. Mr. D. (not sure if he wants his name public) because he's such a great dad (and his wife is equally great!) who helps to keep the TLM alive in our area. His blog is much more about faith than personal things but I think that makes it about both, doesn't it? Especially in a person that's so obviously faith filled!

5. The Dudes at Catholic Trenches because I love to raz them and I think they still like me even when I do. Also, I like the way that they offer historical info and don't shy away from controversy.

6. My seester because she's my rock.

7. Lovely Mary who I wish I lived closer to so I could be in her superkeen book club!

8. Adoro because of the great stories on her blog and the cause of much critical thinking being done (on my part) after reading the blog posts.

9. The RDC because I just think she's the bees knees! I hope to meet her in real life sometime soon, she's so sweet!

10. My buddy, Ray. He's so hip for an olde...I mean, "more mature" gentleman. I love that he keeps us MN folks up to date on all the haps on the Catholic scene locally, and around the world. Thanks, Ray!

I'm sure I left some people out but they are most likely listed on Ray's blog (they're all really great bloggers and people!).

I'm not going to let any of these people know I tagged them as a TEST to see if they ever, really read my blog (ttthhhppppttttt!) Thank you, everyone who visits to see what's up in this house and in my mind (amazingly, you actually CARE!).

Thanks to the ladies who gave me the award in the first place and the nice things they said about me on their blogs!