Sunday, January 27, 2008

FINE!!!!! (Stomp, Stomp) But This is the LAST ONE For a While...and THAT'S FINAL!

(Here is me, grumbling and shaking my fist at that girl.)

1. Thai or Mexican

2. bubble bath or back massage
(But only if I have a few hours, at LEAST!)

3. boots or sandals
(I would wear sandals in the snow if I could!)

4. the 90% "pro-life" good chance or the 100% pro-life long shot
(as if there was any question!)

5. a cruise ship or a mountain cabin
(but not in the winter)

6. Rome or Paris

7. Ordinary or Extraordinary

8. Rosary or Stations

9. surf or hang glide (Is that a joke? Neither!!...I'm with Amy on this one!)

10. Regal Cinemas or Netflix

11. sweet or salty

12. pen or pencil
(have you SEEN my penmanship? Definitely need erasers!)

13. how-to book or fantasy novel

14. crossword or sudoku

15. lose a leg or lose your sight

16. North or South
I really couldn't live with cockroaches. Mosquito's are bad enough!

17. a power outage at home or a dead car battery at Costco
(oh, pu-leaze! Butch has a welder on his work truck...a little power outage is NOTHING!)

18. classic rock or country Both

19. wool or linen
wool means winter and linen means summer...need I say more?

20. lots of good friends or a few great friends
(especially ones that make me do memes all the time. Ahem?)

21. soup or salad

22. Merlot or Chardonnay Both!

23. Picasso or Da Vinci

24. charades or trivial pursuit

25. Evangelical Protestantism or Orthodox Judaism
(Interesting choice! I'll take anything orthodox over protestant...but maybe they're the same??? Ohhhh, that one was tough!)

26. stone age or dark age
(I've always had the urge to dress up in animal skins, not brush my teeth, and have my hubs bang me over the head with a club.)

27. Steven Spielberg or Ken Burns

28. Thermopylae or Alamo
(because then, I'd always be remembered HAHAHAHA!)

29. Big Foot or Loch Ness Monster
(not a fan of deep, scary lakes)

30. babies or teenagers
(not a fair choice, I like them both...teenagers can dress themselves and wipe themselves...hmmmm. Teenagers stink and baby's smell sweet. Oh, I give up. Not answerable.)