Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby on the Baby

Mari never falls asleep anywhere but her bed. This was taken last weekend when she must have been so tired that she broke her rule about that!
Her favorite place to spend time is right below my belly (here, she flopped forward and started snoozing!). My belly absolutely HAS to be uncovered to satisfy her need to bond with it. She rubs it, and squishes it, and says, "Tummytummytummy" and "Chubbychubbychubby" over and over and "feeds" my bellybutton from her doll bottle. Once, the baby kicked and moved and you should have seen her eyes! Ever since then, she really knows that there is a baby in there but, no matter how many times I tell her, she is convinced that she has a baby in her belly and then she lifts up her shirt and touches her belly to mine. That move always reminds me of Karen and Jack in "Will and Grace" and makes me laugh so hard! When I laugh, the baby kicks and moves even harder and that tickles me and makes me laugh harder! It's a vicious cycle!

This is the ONLY thing (besides the baby, of course) that I like about being pregnant!

Pray for the unborn and victims of abortion on this, the anniversary of the horrible decision to make abortion legal in this country!

I am 35 years old. Roe v Wade was decided 35 years ago! My parents and a "bunch of people from town" went down to the Basilica in the spring, marched around, and said the rosary (according to my dad)at that time. He said that everyone (in his Catholic circle and around the nation) was up in arms about the decision. I haven't talked to mom yet (she's been busy with Grandma who will be having a bunch of heart tests tomorrow. Pray for her if you get a chance, she's not been feeling good lately) but I'll put her reflections on here when she wakes up! Dad also said that the general feeling at that time was one of "I give up...what is this world coming to?". I know that with every, horrible social thing that comes up, every generation thinks that. I can't imagine how I would have reacted at that time. If I was sitting there with a newborn (I was four months old at the time) I would be praying and crying my eyes out. We are making strides, but it's going to be a long fight to change the culture!

Thanks to Mom and Dad who gave me the tools to fight! Thanks to my husband who's openness to life shows the world that we value children and faith in God.