Wednesday, October 10, 2007

One Of Those Days

I've warned them and warned them but somehow, someway, the bright purple nail polish bottle found it's way into the 1 year old's cute, dainty, little hands. She was so nice and quietly sitting on the couch and when I looked over at her, I saw why:

What did she have to say for herself?
"Mama! Pretties!"

Uh huh.

I didn't mention to her about how the purple polished actually clashed with the pizza sauce smeared on her mouth from lunch.

Oh well, I guess I should thank Bocker for putting the rootbeer within her reach earlier. See, she spilled it on her clothes, I figured I might as well leave her naked for her messy lunch, then she got into the polish shortly afterward. At least I didn't have to throw away any clothes, right?