Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Lied

Okay, so it only took a day to get everything off of my computer and to start over! That guy is a wiz, I tell you! The only thing I haven't gotten fully restored yet is my beloved "favorites" list! If you could just take a second to say even "hi" in the comments box, then I could get you back into my favorites (especially you who I had to email to get your blog address, could you email it to me know who you are!). I should have just written them down, but I didn't have time and my list was getting kind of HUGE!

Now, whilst I'm re-compiling my list of must-read blogs (I should really investigate one of those "bloglines" things I have heard about)...

We went to the 101 market on Friday (Matty: It's soooo boring there. There's NOTHING to do. Just leave me home alone!!!!!)

We met Katrina and her kids, and my mom and dad.

The kids were sooooo bored:

Mari calls them "kumpins" and she tries to lift EVERY kumpin she sees. She just tries (with a cute grunt) and says, "Nope!" after she can't do it and walks to the next one. I think she really believes that one of these days, she'll actually be able to lift one that is three times bigger than her. I wish I had an ounce of that kind of hope and confidence.